The Paperless Solution

The paperless working environment has arrived and as technology becomes easier to use and more accessible many governing bodies are beginning to recognize the benefits of ‘paperless governance’.

Paperless governance sounds simple – preparing for and conducting board and committee meetings without printing one single piece of paper. This can now be easily achieved.

Most governing boards and committee structures currently print out and circulate their agendas, minutes, meeting notes and reports or board members have to do this themselves. There are often significant costs that can add up including staff time, postage, paper and print costs. In addition, it is also important to recognise the implications for storage and the environment.

In a world of increasing scrutiny, accountability and challenge it is essential that governing bodies can perform as effectively and efficiently as possible. Going paperless can save time, money and improve the accessibility and accuracy of information and data to help board members make the right decisions.

Sometimes, moving to paperless can be a culture shock , however, Astech’s dedicated implementation and support team works with each organisation by providing the software, training and ongoing support to ensure a cost effective, seamless, streamlined and stress free transition to a paperless environment.

At Astech, we are confident that we can provide the know- how for your organisation to become  ‘paper free’.  We have many years of experience working in the public sector and a proven track record of success.

For more information on how we can help migrate your organisation to an automated paperless solution or to arrange a demonstration please contact or call 01608 665 566.

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