• We understand that transitioning to a paperless system from processes that have been in place for years may be uncomfortable to some users in your organisation. A new system needs to be easy to use and easy to adopt. CMIS uses a web-based, intuitive design with sleek navigation that provides simple, user friendly access. Our system has been designed by the users, for the users!
  • Implementation with Astech is a smooth transition, paper based systems can be maintained until the customer is ready to go live CMIS’ paperless environment - we can even be on site for that first paperless meeting.
  • Astech will migrate your historical data into CMIS to enable you to address requirements of transparencyto the wider community. Existing documents can be quickly imported into CMIS, providing a powerful and readily accessible archive for reference.
  • CMIS is not just about introducing a paperless meeting environment, we manage the entire life cycle, from your strategic business plan, meeting scheduling, report authoring, minuting, decision tracking, and right through to the publishing of your information.
  • Designed and developed by administrators across many types of organisations. Tap into their experience.
  • We have a strong, loyal, forward thinking, and innovative customer base that meets with us regularly to ensure we adopt future legislative requirements. We take the best ideas from each of our clients and build them into the product. Take advantage and achieve best practice in one easy step.
  • You can access CMIS anywhere! Via a web browser or an app from any Windows, Apple or Android device. If your organisation has a 'bring your own device' policy, we can help. If you already have some of your team using tablets, use CMIS to maximise your existing investment.
  • Within CMIS you can publish your meeting documents to the website in a secure and timely manner, within the allotted deadlines.
  • Robust security ensures access meets your organisation's standards. Apply relevant controls from job function right down to items within a document to restrict access to sensitive information. If it's confidential, then it stays confidential.
  • Automate time-consuming procedures to free your valuable time. For example, manual collation of a board meeting pack can take up to 5 hours. With CMIS you can reduce this time down to 15 minutes! No more postage, no more couriers!
  • The flexibility of the CMIS solution accounts for established business processes. CMIS can be tailored to your organisation. From matching your existing corporate branding, through to replication of your current procedures.
  • Incorporates a comprehensive Members management database to allow public and administrative profiles to be displayed both on your website and within the app.
    Training profiles and asset control can be centralised to effectively control and manage your organisation's resources and assets.
  • Manage all committees, boards, panels, forums and working groups. CMIS is designed to be used by the entire organisation, allowing you to maximise efficiencies and save more money. Some of our clients are running over 500 meetings per year via CMIS, that together use over 12,000 reports and documents. Users have reported that the time taken to create board meeting packs has reduced from hours to minutes. Imagine how much time and money your organisation can save!
  • Allow for last minute changes and additions. You can always guarantee that everyone at the meeting will have the right documents, at the right time, in the right place.
  • Deploy interactive forms throughout the organisation, allowing users to submit information to CMIS and remove the need for re-keying of information.