Does it take you hours to prepare board packs for meetings?

Are you then spending hours at the printer waiting for thousands of pages to print?
After all of this, do you have to then spend thousands getting them where they need to be?

We understand however large or small your organisation is that the preparation for meetings, from arranging them, publishing all the necessary documents and distributing them to everyone who needs them is a lengthy process. CMIS is made up of a number of helpful tools that help to save considerable amounts of time, cost and administrative effort.

CMIS supports administrators with:

  • Scheduling meetings across the board
  • Publishing information in a secure and timely manner, within the allotted deadlines
  • Recording meeting attendance
  • Coordinating and publishing agendas and related reports, using a dynamic drag and drop feature to organise all of your documents in minutes
  • Preparing documentation packs in a PDF format, complete with page numbering, footnotes, watermarks and other notices as required
  • Compiling and publishing minutes with the relevant records of delegated decisions
  • Workflow tools assist with handling of multiple deadlines, approvals from across the board and version management
  • Maintaining and publishing members registers of interest
  • Updating board / committee vacancies or new appointments
  • Managing all committees, boards, panels, forums and working groups

Get all of this done in half the time and securely...

While cutting down the lengthy administration tasks, data integrity and security for administrators is at the heart of the application. Secure and sensitive data management is validated for each document, report or agenda and a role based security model ensures secure data is only accessible by authorised users.