Today's organisations are increasingly being challenged to demonstrate sound governance of their decision-making processes. From large corporations to public bodies such as local government, health service bodies, and educational institutes. The demands for accountability, visibility, and scrutiny of decisions are growing. For many organisations, governance is a word that can be associated with time, increasing costs, and mountains of paperwork. CMIS is a solution that has been designed to take control and streamline your governance processes.

CMIS is much more than just a board portal that facilitates paperless meetings, it can manage the entire process of a meeting's lifecycle. Imagine an organisation where all your meetings are planned, executed, and recorded with the minimum of fuss. Reports are generated, approved, signed off, and delivered to the right meeting, at the right time, and in the right place. All of this can be achieved without a single piece of paper being printed.

Some the UK's largest organisations for their relevant sectors are already experiencing the benefits of using the CMIS board portal and meeting management solution.

Maybe it's time to join them?