Local Government Association Annual Conference and Exhibition July 2018

The CMIS team will be attending the annual LGA conference and exhibition at the Birmingham ICC 3rd – 5th July 2018.

This will be the second CMIS sponsored event of the year and Astech are proud to be part of these very successful events.

Delegates attending the event will meet a wide range of speakers and participate in many workshops and the CMIS team will be on hand to assist delegates in discovering the benefits of paperless governance. The CMIS team are looking forward to spending time assisting other Councils in recognising the potential time and cost savings that come from utilising CMIS to manage their democratic functions and processes.

The Conference and Exhibition will also be a great platform to engage and network with other organisations who are currently not using CMIS as well as also spending time with our existing clients.

Astech now looks forward with enthusiasm to this year’s LGA event and further strengthening our links with all the delegates and organisations who will be attending the event in Birmingham.

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