Go paperless - Go green

Organisations are now focusing more on ensuring that any tender they secure demonstrates their core values for “going green” and meets their environmental responsibilities.

There are so many ways to go green that many organisations are adopting for quick wins, for example:

Switch to paperless meetings

  •  Try and print on both sides to waste less (this could save up to 50% of your paper   costs).
  •  Instead of printing important files and documents, share them on the cloud.
  •  Use e-mails instead of paper for means of communication.
  •  Try to choose environment-friendly recycled paper


Power to the device

Many devices consume far more power than expected even when they are not used, as majority of office power is consumed through a live outlet. Simple and effective measures can be implemented instantly to reduce power consumption for example:

  •   Making sure computers are shut down and not leaving them on standby
  •   Switching computers to save energy and saving setting


Multi-purpose machines

Each piece of office equipment produces heaps of toxic substances in both the manufacturing and disposal stages. So, the fewer office machines bought the smaller the footprint will be. For example, it's wise to consider using multi-purpose machines that handle copying, scanning, faxing, and printing.

Adding Green!

Buy some plants for the office.  They absorb airborne pollutants from office equipment and furniture and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air. They can also look very trendy and only need watering once a week!.


Councils reducing paper usage

Warwickshire County Council is one of many local authorities thought out the UK that are benefiting from introducing the advanced and flexible features of the CMIS software. Substantial savings have been achieved including a reduction in paper usage, a reduction in distribution costs and an overall increase in productivity.

To discuss how CMIS can help your organisation take it first steps towards reducing mountains of paperwork, potentially saving thousands of pounds each year on printing costs and many hours of staff time please contact info@astech.co.uk or call 01608 665 566.


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