Creativity, Collaboration, Complexity

The annual AUA Conference is just around the corner and Astech is delighted to be attending to help university staff understand the benefits CMIS could bring to them.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of Simon, Olivia and Lena will be at the magnificent Royal Armouries in Leeds across the whole three-day event and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Creativity, Collaboration and Complexity” and these are words that resonate strongly with us at Astech when it comes to CMIS and our quest to make sure it makes life easier for all its users. Let us explain why…

Astech has displayed new levels of CREATIVITY in their development of CMIS, consistently striving to find new ways of making democratic processes easier for our clients. In a world where the pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint is intensifying, CMIS can be your quick and easy way to a paperless meeting, whatever sector you work in.

Features such as Agenda Builder and Minutes Builder are often found in other software, but we have flexed our creative muscles to take it a step further. With CMIS, you have the ability to create attendance reports, publish your documents and create automated reminders at your fingertips, all with your own personalised control panel.

COLLABORATION is also a key part of what they do as we have the tools to allow people within an organisation to work more closely together. We can make all your documents available to view in identical, easy-to-view formats as well as making sure all your deadlines are met.

In a lot of our case studies, our clients have told us that the process of preparing for meetings before CMIS was extremely long and painstaking, with documents often having to pass back and forth between different teams of people before being signed off. With CMIS, we can simplify that process and ensure the collaboration involved with preparing for a meeting is streamlined and stress-free.

While we deal with many complex issues here at Astech, our goal is to take the COMPLEXITY out of our clients’ working lives. We are here to make a complex business as simple as possible.

Why go to meetings carrying mountains of paper and information when you can have it all at your fingertips and ready to present, annotate and publish whenever you like, wherever you are?

Of course, we would be thrilled if this summary of what we can provide you with piques your interest. If so, please drop by Stand 16 at the conference where our team will be more than happy to tell you even more.

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