How can we help your organisation? | CMIS

How can we help your organisation?

We can help anyone with a board and / or numerous committees and organisations who have 4 meetings a year, or 400. Any organisation wanting to streamline their current processes or work towards a paperless initiative. Take a look at some of our clients and testimonials to learn how CMIS has helped other organisations like yourselves. We offer a no-obligation demonstration of the CMIS system. Click here to get in contact with us to see what we can do for you.


  • The CMIS development team can offer a comprehensive training programme for new and existing CMIS users, developed and tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


  • We hope your CMIS experience goes without a hitch, but our support desk is manned by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team who can help with any problem that may arise. We take a hands-on approach to making sure your CMIS experience is as pain-free as possible and deliver innovative, easy-to-use solutions to our clients.


  • Astech is very proud of the bespoke work we have delivered for customers. Examples of this include: custom website design for CMIS, tools for manipulating data, additional public engagement functionality and custom built workflows.

  • Our approach to bespoke work is to conduct a thorough scoping task so that both Astech and the customer have a full understanding of the work to be delivered. This work, when agreed, is then scheduled into our development timescale and then deployed onto the clients test site for user acceptance testing before being moved into the live environment.

  • We perform a number of web designs and custom data manipulation tools per year, this work is in addition to the normal improvement and additional functionality Astech delivers to all customers.


  • Astech and the CMIS Users meet regularly to discuss the CMIS application and events and activities within the sector. The user groups are perfect for discussing industry practise and are used to define the CMIS product development plan. Ongoing developments of CMIS take into account legislative requirements and customer requests.