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Agile Working

 Agile working “embrace innovation rather than bureaucracy” Moving into a modern age with a rigid office set up can have an adverse effect on your business workflow. Flexibility is key to integrating CMIS – offering a web based online portal provides agility. The essence of agile working is common sense but it is amazing how many organisations are yet to embrace agile working and modernise their governance… View More


The Paperless Solution

The paperless working environment has arrived and as technology becomes easier to use and more accessible many governing bodies are beginning to recognize the benefits of ‘paperless governance’. Paperless governance sounds simple – preparing for and conducting board and committee meetings without printing one single piece of paper. This can now be easily achieved. Most governing boards and committee structures currently… View More


Astech welcomes Mid-ulster to the CMIS community

Astech are really pleased to welcome another new client to the CMIS community. Mid-Ulster selected the CMIS product following a detailed tender process that was completed in early 2017. “Democratic Services is continuing to work with the CMIS team who have been on hand to integrate the new system with our business processes.  We’re looking forward to the efficiencies it will bring to our committee and member support functions… View More