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Stroud District Council acquire CMIS

Astech are delighted to advise that CMIS has been recognised as the best fit solution for Stroud’s needs. We are looking forward to working with the team… View More


Braintree District Council acquire CMIS

After reviewing the marketplace for democratic management solutions Braintree have decided that CMIS is the product that best fulfils their needs. Astech look forward to working with Braintree who become one of 5 authorities in Essex (including the County Council) to use… View More


Hosted solution of CMIS delivers successful election night for Essex County Council

Essex County Council did not need to log a single support call whilst reporting the May 2013 election night result live on CMIS. Essex, whose installation of CMIS is hosted by Astech, were uploading the election results live into CMIS as the results came in with their CMIS site being linked to by the BBC. Astech were providing Essex with an overnight on call service to cover the unlikely event of a server outage. This on call service… View More